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Dilara Rostami
1st January 1970

DR Webberley and Team
is a God Send- a remarkable Compassionate human beings Words could never be able to express my gratitude. I Just would like you to Know what a fabulous team. Magnificent team. Amazing Service You provide for transgender people. I feel very very happy (...)

Emma Shepperson
1st January 1970

Before I go into anything, I just want to thank the GenderGP team for everything they have done for me, you have improved my life 100 fold and probably even saved it.

Thank you. So much.

The GenderGP service was able to help me far faster than waiting for a GIC would have been (...)

1st January 1970

I came under Helen's care just over 2 years ago. I'd been self-medicating for the prior 3 years which, without a prescription, was both expensive and dangerous. My GP felt unable to provide bridging hormones while I waited to see the GIC, but was happy for me to approach (...)

Dani Wilson
1st January 1970

I cannot thank Dr Webberley and the GenderGP team enough for literally being my lifeline and helping me to finally address 40 years of Gender Dysphoria head on. Despite my initial anxieties , Jayne, Claire and Marianne were all very comforting and understanding to talk to and (...)

Julie F
1st January 1970

I have say a big thank you to Gender GP. You have helped me tremendously in taking my first and rather large steps. Your service is a life saver.

1st January 1970

I can’t thank Dr Webberley and and their team enough for helping me along my gender transition from female to Male. Having been on a GIC waiting list for almost a year without receiving a first appointment, and my mental health detiprating rapidly because of it. Receiving medical (...)

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