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Young Transmale
22nd May 2018

I have a lot to say about the team at GenderGP, but I'll keep it short. They offered me an opportunity to receive the treatment I needed. They met me with understanding and patience, knowing full well how impatient and desperate I'd gotten over the years. I'm not sure I'd have (...)

18th May 2018

GenderGP has been a life saver for me .
In July 2015 i was referred by my GP to an NHS Gender Identity Clininc (GIC), and joined the waiting list and being advised that i should be seen within a few months. But it just didn’t happen, and my progress up the waiting list was very (...)

Mum of trans daughter
4th May 2018

We are so, so grateful for Dr Webberley's wonderful service over the last 2 years. My daughter was 16 when she came out to us, 4 years after realising she felt like a girl, slowly feeling worse and worse and getting more and more isolated and depressed as male puberty progressed, (...)

27th April 2018

I honestly believe that Dr Webberley saved my daughters life. She was just 16 and struggling at school with anxiety and depression. We got a referral to CAMHS and initially came out to her therapist, who gently encouraged her to tell us that she, our 6 foot teenager was a girl. (...)

6th April 2018

Waiting times for appointments for NHS are ridiculous and without this service I doubt I would have been able to survive. Within a few months I was on testosterone and care had been taken to monitor blood levels and make sure everything was ok. The service was always smooth and (...)

3rd April 2018

It’s so difficult to tell anyone how much Dr Webberly and her team have helped me. I was under their care for a year and a half, waiting for NHS treatment. I don’t think I would have got through safely had it not been for the help and support they gave me. No self-medicating, No (...)

30th March 2018

I have tried transition before without using a councillor due to not finding the right one after several attempts, this led to me stopping transition for various reasons as well as stopping HRT. I started transition a year ago under the care of Gender GP. They put me in touch (...)

26th March 2018

Well done for having your restrictions lifted, we all here in the trans community are very greatful for you, and I personally wouldn't be as far on without you, and the fact the NHS has kept me on the same treatment at the same levels, shows you're professional, but also have the (...)

23rd March 2018

I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your life saving and life changing services.

I came to you at a very low point and you linked me to one of the excellent counsellors associated with your service. She was wonderful and really listened and was honest and let (...)

21st March 2018

All the team at Gender GP have been fantastic, I especially wanted to thank Katie from the Gender GP team. She is always on hand to help and advise. Overall the Gender GP service allows many people to take a huge step to become their true selves and without them, there would be a (...)

10th March 2018

They have done everything they possibly could do, Allowing me and many others access to help and HRT. They were fully supportive and made sure I fully understood everything and kept my best interests in mind, If you are seeking help with transitioning during the wait for NHS help then this is 100% recommended.

Becky Cook
1st March 2018

GenderGP has been a real life saver for me. As for so many of us, I was faced with crushing depression from overly long NHS waiting times, and being left in limbo with no GP support. GenderGP offered a lifeline of affordable interim care. I can't thank them enough for their kind (...)

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