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The GenderGP Fund

Set up to help those needing support to get care, funded by those wishing to help.

Our Fund is designed to help young people access psychological support, puberty blockers, hormones and expert advice.

If you would like to help a young trans person or know someone who needs help, please get in touch.

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Access subsidised care through The GenderGP Fund

In December 2020, a high court ruling made accessing care via the NHS tougher than ever for trans youth in the UK. In response, GenderGP launched its own crowdfunder: The GenderGP Fund. This is available to those who live in the UK and Ireland, whose care has been impacted by the ruling and aims to help those who might not ordinarily be able to afford it, to access private care.

Any funds donated will initially be made available to trans youth under the age of 16, who are at risk as a result of the withdrawal of their gender care on the NHS or HSE.

Vital Statistics – as of April 30th 2021

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