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The GenderGP Fund

Set up to help those needing support to get care, funded by those wishing to help.

Is the GenderGP Fund open for new applications?

Although the GenderGP Fund has been a huge success, it is temporarily closed for applications. We will be relaunching soon with the view to expand the number of patients we are able to help. In order to achieve this, we are restructuring internally and ensuring that we allocate the necessary resources to make it as successful as possible. Please be assured we are working very hard to get the GenderGP Fund up and running again so that we can continue to help those who need funding to access gender-affirming private care.

Can I still donate to the GenderGP Fund even with the applications being closed?

We are currently not accepting new fund donations, however, those who have already set up a monthly donation, please be assured this money will be continuing to help current GenderGP Fund Patients with their transition.​ The resulting pot of money will be made available to people who might otherwise have struggled to pay for their care to be managed privately.

As a private service we do not receive any charitable or public funding. The funds raised through this initiative will go towards covering care for young patients who are unable to access the care they need. Our ultimate goal is that no young trans or non-binary person will have to experience a puberty that doesn’t align with their gender identity and that all trans and non binary people access the care they need to help them live their lives more easily. This goal becomes even more achievable through donations received and funds contributed by GenderGP.

What is the The GenderGP Fund?

In December 2020, a high court ruling made accessing care via the NHS tougher than ever for trans youth in the UK. Despite subsequent ruling which permits parents to consent on their child’s behalf, young people are still being left without care.

In response, GenderGP launched its own crowdfunder: The GenderGP Fund. This was available to those who lived in the UK and Ireland, whose care had been impacted by the ruling.
The Fund aimed to help those who might not ordinarily be able to afford it, to access gender-affirming private care.

Gamer @theymerSophie raised an incredible £50,000 towards the Fund in December 2020, this was matched by GenderGP in in-kind donations. Find out more by reading our blog.

Although fund applications are currently closed until further notice, we feel it is still important for our current patients, any prospect patients, donators and any interested donators to be able to see the background behind the GenderGP Fund, and have access to any FAQ’s that will be relevant now and in the future when the GenderGP Fund is opening to applications again. To see this information, please click here.

About The GenderGP Fund

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