*Portal update – Friday 6th March 2020*

Earlier this week we provided you with an update on the GenderGP Portal. As you know, we have been working around the clock to settle as many people into our new home as possible and we are really making progress.

If you do have a question, please have a look here prior to emailing in.

Here are two questions which appear to be triggering most of the email traffic:

Q. Have you received my email?
A: As soon as your message has been sent in the GenderGP Portal it is visible to the team. Based on your feedback, we are looking at ways of adding a read receipt, for added reassurance!


Q: I contacted you via email, are you still receiving these?
A: All our email addresses have been redirected to the Portal, so any email you send to us now or have sent to us at any time in the past will be received. The only exception to this is the email address support@mywebdoctor.desk.com this no longer works.

If you have sent anything to this email address we would kindly ask that you get in touch via our Help Centre.

Thank you for bearing with us and we hope you have a lovely weekend x ️


Earlier this month we went live with the GenderGP Portal.

While our existing email-based system has served us well, we wanted to provide our community members with their own safe space online. Somewhere they can manage their account and receive support for their health and wellbeing, as well as  somewhere they can record their feelings and even keep a diary of their experiences, if they so wish.

This has been a very long time in the planning and after many many months of hard work we pressed the button (and held our breath)!

While for many, the switchover to the new system has been straightforward, for others it has been more of a challenge, and in some cases it has led to unnecessary confusion and frustration. This in turn has led to a sharp increase in messages into the service which we are working through case by case. Because each message deserves the proper attention, it is taking some time to clear the backlog.


We wanted to take this opportunity to say we are genuinely sorry that it hasn’t quite been as seamless as we had hoped. Change can be scary but we stand ready to help you through each step, until you feel settled into our new home. We will have everything resolved over the next few weeks.


In the meantime we’ve produced some short videos:

1. To say we’re sorry!

2. To show you what you can expect from the GenderGP Portal

3. To show you what the team sees when you submit information


Please bear with us while we work through the backlog – we are confident that once you are in and settled you will be delighted with the new platform!


A reminder that we will be working around the clock to answer all of your emails but do not worry if our response times are slower than usual. We are working as quickly as possible to answer all queries and aim to have the GenderGP Portal up to speed and glitch-free as soon as we can.

Thank you for bearing with us – The GenderGP Team