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Against a backdrop of increasingly regressive trans health laws being passed in the US, punitive litigation in the UK, and concerning changes to healthcare access for young transgender people in countries such as Sweden, internationally renowned and respected journal The Lancet has taken the opportunity to lend its voice in support of global trans communities – highlighting the “flawed agenda for trans youth” and casting a much needed eye on the realities of affirming trans healthcare and the reasons for a backlash against puberty blockers, despite decades of use and supporting research.


More fear is stoked by rhetoric about a malevolent threat to children. Social conservatives in the USA, UK, and Australia frame gender-affirming care as child abuse and medical experimentation. This stance wilfully ignores decades of use of and research about puberty blockers and hormone therapy: a collective enterprise of evidence-based medicine culminating in guidelines from medical associations such as the Endocrine Society and American Academy of Pediatrics. Puberty blockers are falsely claimed to cause infertility and to be irreversible, despite no substantiated evidence” – The Lancet


GenderGP welcomes The Lancet’s intervention which further supports the view that the autonomy for any decision young people make about their affirming healthcare needs “lies with young people and their parents” and not those that would seek to deny well-established treatments and to reinforce traditional gender norms.


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