Everyone deserves to read about some queer joy! With their new book JAMIE about to hit the shelves, L.D. Lapinski has a list of suggestions for where to find books for younger readers that celebrate LGBTQ+ stories.

Lapinski has also written a resource pack for teachers and students to use. You can download both versions HERE.

JAMIE, L. D. Lapinski

Jamie Rambeau is a happy 11-year-old non-binary kid who likes nothing better than hanging out with their two best friends Daisy and Ash. But the trio find out that for Year Seven their secondary schools will be split – one school for boys and another for girls. And no adults seem to have thought about where Jamie is going to go. Worse still, their tight friendship group suddenly seems at risk, as no matter which school Jamie chooses, they will no longer be with one of their best friends.

JAMIE is a book celebrating the joy of friendship, identity, and of how anyone can be the catalyst to make a change.

Me, My Dad, and the End of the Rainbow, Benjamin Dean

Archie Albright is having a tough time. His parents have recently separated and are both acting strangely, and no one seems prepared to explain why to Archie. But when Archie sees a colourful, crumpled flyer for Pride fall out of Dad’s pocket, he thinks he may have found the answer to what’s been going on.

Me, My Dad, and the End of the Rainbow is a really heart-warming book about a young person experiencing a parent coming out, and how queer joy is for all ages.

Glitter Boy, Ian Eagleton

A book that doesn’t shy away from homophobic bullying, but has moments of celebration along with it, Glitter Boy is the debut middle grade novel from Polari prize-winning author Ian Eagleton.

James loves singing, dancing and generally being creative, along with his love of famous pop stars. He’s especially excited to be part of the choir at his teacher’s wedding to his boyfriend, but not everyone in James’ life feels the same way.

There’s a boy at school bullying James, and calling him gay, and James’ dad doesn’t seem to like talking about the upcoming wedding, or hearing about his son’s creative interests. There’s another heap of family worries as James’ nan becomes ill, and the book does delve into loss, but ultimately ends with a believably satisfying happy ending.

The Deep and Dark Blue, Niki Smith

A gorgeous graphic novel about the adventure of two young royal twins who are forced to hide in an all-girls magical school after a coup in their kingdom. Whilst twin Hawke is only just able to tolerate pretending to be a girl, his twin Grayce finds it extremely easy to leave her old life as Grayson behind, as she realises this is who she really is, where she is really meant to be.

The Deep and Dark Blue is a wonderful sorcery adventure that showcases close siblings supporting one another through personal and societal struggles.

Ana on the Edge, AJ Sass

A story of ice skating, gender identity and being true to yourself, Ana on the Edge is about the twelve-year-old skating main character with Olympic ambitions, whose world is brightened one day when they meet Hayden – a young trans boy who assumes that Ana is a boy, too.

This is a book where gender experimentation is shown as a happy and natural part of growing up, and Ana’s explorations of their identity outside the gender binary is full of joy. A fresh-feeling take on the traditional coming-out story, Ana on the Edge shows the happiness to be found in growing into yourself and the friendships you forge along the way.

L. D. Lapinski is the best-selling author of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency series, JAMIE, and the forthcoming novel Stepfather Christmas. Lapinski lives in Nottinghamshire with their family, their cat, and their books. When they grow up, they want to be a free-range guinea-pig farmer.

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