Calling all trans allies!

Trans people exist, they always have done. Their existence has become more noticeable in recent years as, together with their allies, they have become stronger and more vocal, daring to fight for their basic human rights and realising they can – and should – demand more.

Over the years, trans people have faced discrimination and marginalisation and that has cost them dearly. It has cost happiness, success, family units and it has cost lives. So much so that we dedicate an entire day to remembering the victims of transphobic attacks.

We at GenderGP acknowledge that loss with the deepest respect.

But the tide is turning, times are changing. We look forward to a future where all people are treated equally, where everyone has the same opportunities for happiness and success. Not only are we seeing more people taking positive action to improve the situation for the trans community, we are seeing less people standing idly by when they witness someone in pain or being hurt. This proactivity is what brings about real change.


So how can you help? There are plenty of things you can do to be a better ally. These are just a few examples:

  • Educate yourself, what does it mean to be trans, how should you act around trans people, what can you read to be better informed?
  • Do not tolerate ignorance. Transphobic jokes, sly comments or overt digs simply cause pain. Shut it down.
  • Spread love, not hate. Do not engage with those who actively choose to discriminate or cause pain, use your platform to drown them out with love and positivity.
  • Don’t belittle someone’s concerns. Take transphobia seriously, the pain it causes can be deadly.
  • Do not judge. Not everyone had the benefit of a puberty that matched their gender identity. Not everyone has the opportunity to love what they see in the mirror, or what they see in your eyes when you look at them. Be kind.
  • Embrace diversity – if we were all identical, the world would be a very boring place. Humanity is naturally diverse, and there is an equal place for us all.
  • If you want to take things up a notch, consider campaigning. Contact your local MP to ask them what they are doing to improve the lives of trans people and in particular to improve their access to healthcare.
  • Sign our petition which calls for better access to healthcare for trans people in the UK.


Join us in being part of the solution. Our aim is to help trans people to live their lives more easily, on this transgender day of remembrance and beyond.


Allyship matters – learn more here


If you would like to ask us a question that will help you to better understand gender diversity then contact us via the Help Centre. Alternatively You can ask us in the comments section below, or on our social media channels, where you can find us @GenderGP. Our amazingly diverse team is always available for your questions.