Dame Caroline Swift

Chair of the MPTS, Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service

St James’s Buildings, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ

*Sent by email

23rd July, 2021

Dear Dame Swift,

We write to you as representatives of the transgender community ahead of the hearing of Dr Helen Webberley which is due to begin on 26 July 2021, scheduled to run for 55 days – with one clear request that you: hear our voices.

The GMC is calling for Dr Webberley’s name to be erased from the medical register, claiming that she is not fit to practise as a doctor as a result of her work with transgender patients.

As you are no doubt aware, when it comes to the care of transgender patients, opinion is divided politically, socially and medically, with no clear consensus on the best approach.

However, if you listen to those at the heart of this ‘debate’, there is a consensus: we are suffering as a result of a lack of access to care, some of us are even dying.

Dr Webberley has helped to change this, both directly and indirectly; she has helped thousands of transgender patients in a positive way.

The NHS stands accused of gate-keeping and discrimination which is causing untold harm. The community continues to be adversely impacted by the lack of public healthcare in the UK. Waiting lists are years-long. In January 2021, the CQC found provision of care for trans youth ‘inadequate’ the lowest rating it can give and yet while the next steps are considered and debated over, no action is taken and trans youth continue to suffer.

Every now and again, someone believes in something so strongly that they are willing to sacrifice everything, to stand up and force change. This is what Dr Webberley has done and yet the benefits of this for those affected are being ignored.

We need you to hear our stories.

The outcome of this case is important to us as a community, it will show us just how committed you are to recognising our needs and to understanding that trans healthcare must be a priority.

We represent the patients whose lives you pledge to protect.

You say that equality and diversity is important, we need to see that in action.

Please read our words here.

Sent by GenderGP, on behalf of our community.