Trans Day of Visibility, March 31st 2023

On March 31st we honour and celebrate Trans Day of Visibility. It is a day dedicated to the trans, non-binary and gender diverse community around the world. We acknowledge the challenges that come with being trans. We also advocate for the equal rights and treatment of this marginalised community.

Trans Day of Visibility continues to be important for as long as we need to fight for trans equality. Several US states have banned access to gender-affirming healthcare for trans youth. Due to persistent discrimination, young trans and gender diverse people face mental health issues at disproportionate rates. Even though regret rates are practically non-existent, some politicians continue to debate over access to trans healthcare.

Moreover, trans people are four times more likely to experience violence compared to cis people. This number increases based on intersectional identities. Black trans women continue to lose their lives at the hands of transphobia. This needs to stop. On Trans Day of Visibility we want to spread awareness of systemic issues facing the trans community right now.

The Beauty of being Trans

Besides conservative governments pushing forward anti-trans bills everywhere you look, we wanted to take this opportunity to focus on the joys of being trans. Being trans should not be synonymous with pain and hardship. Trans people are more than just their pain. Recognising their beauty is just as important as recognising their suffering.

We live in a world that functions around a reductive and unrepresentative gender binary of man and woman. Once you are born, depending on what genitals you have, you are forced to conform and act in accordance with these two genders. However, the sheer existence of trans and non-binary people is a defiance of said gender norms. Trans Day of Visibility is needed to acknowledge the wonderful nature of

Trans and gender diverse people are able to move past these gender norms and explore their identity in order to authentically be themselves. This should be celebrated. It can also serve as an example for many cis people who are trapped by social gender norms. The gender binary hurts all of us, not only trans people.

trans day of visibility

Being Visible

On Trans Day of Visibility it is important to applaud those who are brave enough to live as their true self. Applaud those who are proudly and loudly themselves and who make our humanity richer in diversity and beauty.

Let’s not forget to remember: trans people are more than just their trans identity. There are infinite facets of a trans person that may have nothing to do with their gender. The trans community should not be framed only by their ‘trans-ness’. Trans people are parents, they are loving partners, they are loyal friends, they are artists, they are doctors, they are multifaceted; just like everyone else.

Trans Day of Visibility is about ensuring that all trans voices are heard, and all their stories are told. The trans community needs to be seen and celebrated for all their achievements. Visibility is a vital aspect in every aspect of human life. It is important in politics, entertainment as well as personal life. Visibility allows all communities to grow and for people with similar experiences to connect.

As Marianne, one of our qualified counsellors at GenderGP, stated: ‘We must strive for a world where we do not label people and treat them accordingly. But we see them for who they truly are, and we treat them as such.’ We wish you all a joyful Trans Day of Visibility.