A paper detailing the accounts of trans people navigating primary care providers and Gender Identity Clinics (GIC) has been published in BMC Health Services Research. The paper explores trans people’s experiences with GPs and GICs, highlighting areas of good practice and identifying areas for improvement.

The study paints a mixed picture. Some respondents have positive and supportive relationships with their healthcare providers, while others feel that their care was lacking or unsupportive. Particular areas of concern are a lack of knowledge or experience around trans patients, and negative reactions to disclosure of gender by healthcare professionals.

One participant described the positive outcomes of their GP taking on the responsibility of prescribing hormone replacement therapy, after initially getting it online:

“I managed to get onto the hormones with the online clinic, and asked my GP if she could possibly prescribe them. She came back and said yes, and they took over prescribing and they’ve been brilliant.”

More information about access to healthcare for trans and non-binary people can be found here.


Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels