“I can’t improve my life while I’m constantly having to prove my existence…”


This is what a young 17 year old transgender man says about the support he needs to improve his life:

“I can’t improve my life while I’m constantly having to prove my existence – I need help with the present and future rather than the past, so I will seek help from a place more equipped to deal with this than the ‘exploration’ of gender identity. To be perfectly honest, I was disappointed with the service of the Tavistock, from small details like the fact it’s facilitated in a mental health centre, to wording like ‘preferred pronouns’, to the ridiculous misunderstanding that young people can’t know their own minds – attempting to change a person’s mindset rather than accept their identity and support their internal knowledge. As the only NHS centre I could access to help my transition as a young person, the objective should surely be broadened from ‘identity development’ to ‘identity support’ – as a person of 17 years old, I am treated the same as an 8 year old, when I can legally marry, have a child, travel and be expected to chose all of my future paths, yet I am denied the right to be entirely accepted (by a gender identity service) as the person I 100% know I am.”

At GenderGP we follow the WPATH International Standards of Care and believe that young people know their own gender identity. That’s why we offer age-appropriate medical support as part of our multi-disciplinary approach to supporting transgender young people. If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, you can contact us using our Help Centre.


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Photo by adrianna on Unsplash