Transgender medical costs can leave your head spinning. You might be asking, where do I start? In this article, Manuel breaks down the affordability of transitioning, and how they’ve dealt with progressing forward in being their true authentic self. 


I had two main concerns about Transgender Medical Costs before registering with GenderGP. 

First, I had to consider the transgender medical cost of the service and care. I do not think that the prices are unreasonable in any way.

However, it had to be a consideration for me because I am a student. After paying rent and living expenses, I don’t have a lot of money left.

I did decide very quickly, though, that prioritising my health was worth it. It’s been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Transgender Medical Costs Manuel

Second, I was hesitant to trust an online service with something so sensitive as healthcare—especially one based in a different country than where I live.

I’ve heard that transgender medical costs can be high. Several recommendations from existing patients convinced me to give it a try.

My Information Gathering Session (IGS) made it clear to me that I can trust GenderGP with my healthcare.

Since starting treatment with GenderGP, so much has changed for me, both emotionally and physically.

The transgender medical costs have so far been affordable. Before registering, I constantly worried about when I would be able to start hormone treatment.

I felt like my life was on hold indefinitely. Starting hormone treatment was necessary for me to start living again.

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Finding Affordable Gender Affirming Healthcare

Before I found GenderGP, I was in a position where it could have been years before I would be able to start treatment in my own country.

Being in that position of waiting for something so vital, not knowing when I would get it, really weighed on me.

Emotionally, I was in a tough place before starting treatment with GenderGP.

I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders when I began treatment. Even though the changes are still coming slowly, my mind can rest knowing that I’m in the process now. 

I felt totally revitalized the first few weeks after starting treatment. Both my physical and mental energy surged.

In the long term, my mental health has improved a lot. I feel confident in myself and my body. I feel at peace in my transition. I am happier now, and I laugh more. I can enjoy social settings without constantly worrying about being misgendered.

I can relax and enjoy the changes that happen as they come. I experience much less dysphoria now due to the physical changes from the hormone treatment.

I still have bad days with a lot of dysphorias. But most days, I don’t even think about dysphoria at all. Whereas before starting treatment, I felt dysphoria every day.

The prospect of transgender medical costs being so high held me back, I was relieved to find they were affordable.

GenderGP Transgender Medical Costs Fact:

In Sweden, it can cost a lot of money to medically transition, however, the whole treatment is covered in a system called high-cost protection. This can include protection for medication, doctor’s visits, and the surgery fee – something alot of other countries should consider doing

How Being The Trans Man I Am Today Improved My Mental Health

Physically I feel stronger and healthier. I think this is partly due to physical changes, such as more energy and muscle mass.

Also, the improvement in my mental health has had a large impact on my physical health.

Since I have less stress and anxiety, I sleep better, eat healthier food, and have more energy to work out and keep active.

Overall, my mental and physical health has improved a lot since starting treatment.

The aspect I like best about GenderGP is that I was able to get started with gender-affirming healthcare much faster than I would have otherwise had access to.

GenderGP have enabled affordable transgender medical costs. 


How Long Were The Waiting Times For You To Access Transgender Healthcare?

It took less than a month between the first time I contacted GenderGP about registering and the day I began treatment.

I was very impressed with how fast I could get the treatment I needed.

Even though there have been issues with shipping and delivery, an employee has always been available to find solutions. The transgender medical costs didn’t hold me back.

Another thing that made my experience positive was that I felt respected for my identity and trusted as an expert in my own experience and needs.

At my IGS, I felt listened to and taken seriously. I never felt that I had to prove myself or fit into a narrow definition of being trans the “right” way to receive care.



I would recommend GenderGP to others, and I have on several occasions. Because with GenderGP, receiving gender-affirming healthcare is possible when you need it.

GenderGP’s transgender medical costs are affordable. You don’t have to wait for years for treatment. You will be respected and cared for. The transgender medical costs are affordable.

You can quickly start treatment so that you can move in your life and use your energy on things that make you happy

To put it as simply as possible, this is why I want to share my testimonial: Choosing GenderGP as my transition healthcare provider has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It has allowed me to start living my life again. I am thankful that this service provides care for international patients like me.

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If you’re ready to start hormone therapy to swap your hormone profile so it matches your gender identity (rather than the sex you were assigned at birth), click here to find out more.

By Manuel Gallego Zinckernagel

Photo by Paul Felberbauer on Unsplash