Below, we explore the spike in suicide rate among transgender youth on the NHS waiting list following the Bell v Tavistock (2020) ruling, which restricted gender-affirming care for people under 16, and its implications. Even though the court ruling is no longer in effect, its ripple effect continues to haunt the trans community in the UK, with the Cass Review (2024) resulting in a complete ban of puberty blockers in June 2024.

The UK government issued the ban under the pretense of “safety” for trans people. However, if Dr Cass was truly so concerned about the safety of trans youth in the UK, why did her report deliberately neglect to mention the so-clearly-lethal impact of limiting youth gender-affirming care?

Just because the TERFs, transphobes, and ignorant people are loud doesn’t make them right…

They shout, loudly, because there’s uncertainty in the value of the words they speak. A more respectful volume would invite a challenge.

Loudly, they shout, because their numbers are small, and no one hears them when they speak in a normal tone of voice. Loudly, they shout, because they are full of pomp and uncertainty. They need something to add weight.

They shout even louder when they hear the voice of reason, spoken quietly but with clarity, and even louder when they know that that voice is reason.

Loudly, they shout, because that’s what bullies have to do. They have to give weight to their empty words.

Loudly, they shout, because otherwise nobody would hear them above the calm and sensible voice of reason.

They shout, loudly, because that’s a guaranteed way to get a following from the weak. They shout, loudly, to hide their own inadequacies and insecurities.

However, volume doesn’t equate to truth.

Transgender Youth Suicide Rate Grew Exponentially After Restrictions: Where is the Truth?

“We need more data!”; “We need more research!”; “We need more evidence!” That’s what we hear in the policies, documents, and reports from those in power.

However, when we show them the real data, when we disclose the horrific outcomes, when we tell them that we are losing beautiful trans lives, what happens? They don’t want to count those numbers, or record that data, nor document the reality, nor act on the results.

Cass Review and NHS Neglect to Mention Explosion of Trans Youth Suicides After Bell v Tavistock Ruling

According to Jo Maugham, director of The Good Law Project (a UK legal advocacy organisation), there’s been an exponential increase in the number of suicides among trans youth on the NHS waiting list since Bell v Tavistock (2020) restricted gender-affirming health for people under 16. Before 2020, only one suicide among transgender youth on the NHS waiting list occurred in the previous seven years. Even that is one too many. But following the 2020 court ruling, the number of suicides among transgender youth on the NHS waiting list suddenly exploded to from one (in seven years) to 16 (in less than three years).

Two whistleblowers have since come forward claiming that they alerted higher ups in the NHS, including Dr Hilary Cass, the non-specialized pediatrician behind the infamous Cass Review, about the sudden spike in the transgender youth suicide rate. Yet, somehow, this information is completely missing from the report. Why? How can they call themselves medically responsible?

The Truth: UK Government Doesn’t Care About Trans Youth Safety

Children, teenagers, and young trans people are dying. Their lives are made so difficult. Their future seems so hopeless that the only solution seems to be to end their young life. The pain seemed unbearable to them and now it seems unbearable to those they have left behind.

Mums of transgender youth are now on suicide watch, fearful to open the bedroom door lest they find the most horrific of all outcomes behind it. When those Mums ask for their child’s true and most horrific statistic to be recorded, it is being shelved, binned, hidden, and re-labelled.

The truth is that far too many young trans people kill themselves. Yet, they are not recorded, and they are not counted, and therefore we cannot prevent the loss of another young life.

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