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As GenderGP works with each person to provide the right care for them, it is not always easy to provide an exact estimate of costs. However, were an individual to be provided with 100% subsidised care, including all medication costs on the most expensive medications – puberty blocker injections – the total amount would be £1,400 per year. If your GP is happy to prescribe and support with monitoring this amount is reduced to £620 a year.


Here we provide a breakdown of all the costs involved:

Person Treatment Every 28 days Yearly
Trans kid Puberty Blockers only* £62.00 £806
Trans masculine youth Testosterone only £20.00** £300
Trans feminine youth Oestrogen only £8.00*** £104
Trans feminine youth Tablet blocker £4.00^ £52


Person Care Every 28 days One Off Cost
Everyone Counselling session £60
Everyone Set up fee £195
Everyone Subscription £30
Everyone 6 monthly follow up  £50
Everyone Passport letter £35
Everyone Information Gathering Session £65


* Based on Synarel nasal spray
** Starting dose of one pump per day
*** Starting dose of two pumps per day
^ Only trans feminine youth can have these and ideally only after puberty has finished