Sweden’s trans youth blocked from accessing support

We are astonished that the failings of the UK to provide the proper treatment to trans and non binary individuals of all ages is impacting other countries. Research shows that failure to provide timely, affirmative care WILL have a negative impact on those affected.

The solution for trans youth is simple:

  • They need to be believed
  • They need access to puberty blockers when required
  • They need options to have their puberty facilitated to match their gender identity

These are the fundamentals of gender-affirming care.

GenderGP already provides timely, affordable healthcare to individuals based in Sweden, in line with best practice carried out in leading centres of excellence around the world. To find out how we might be able to support you or a loved one, please visit our Help Centre.

We will continue to advocate on behalf of gender diverse individuals of all ages, until the right kind of change happens.

To read our full response to news coming out of Sweden read here.


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Photo by Mikail Duran on Unsplash