Update for our Patients

Further to the verdict in the case brought about by the Health Inspectorate Wales (HIW) against Dr Helen Webberley (05.10.18), GenderGP would like to reassure current and future patients that their care is unaffected.

There will be no break in service and we will continue to provide excellent support and healthcare to all those in need.


Below is an overview of the situation, from Helen herself, should you wish to know more


In early 2017, Online GP Services Ltd (OLGPS), applied to HIW for ‘Dr Helen Webberley’s gender related services’ to be provided through an ‘independent medical clinic’. However the registration was not granted on the grounds that it did not match their criteria of what constitutes a ‘clinic’.

Despite the HIW’s findings, people continued to ask for help and as such, myself and my husband, Dr Mike Webberley, continued to offer support in our capacity as GMC registered doctors. Working privately in this capacity is entirely in accordance with our capabilities and is akin to a doctor taking on such a role in their local private hospital. This is a wholly recognised and accepted approach in the UK.

I am entirely convinced, and have had this corroborated by many patients using our services, that had we stopped supporting them during this period, it would have resulted in them coming to harm, which is why I sought an alternative route. Many of the people we have helped were self medicating through unregulated sources due to lengthy waiting lists on the NHS of up to four years. The service we provided ensured that the care they were receiving was genuine and any medication they were taking came from a legitimate source. Patient safety has been my priority throughout.

Today’s verdict is hugely disappointing and hinges on the definition of what does or does not constitute a clinic in the eyes of the HIW. This has interfered with the provision of care by qualified experts to people who genuinely need help and support.

In his capacity as gender specialist, Dr Mike Webberley will continue to provide patients with the highest standards of care and I will continue to fight for the rights of this marginalised group, while awaiting the verdict of the GMC investigation into my work supporting gender variant patients, which is ongoing.


Should anyone have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to visit our Help Centre and get in touch with us.

If you would like to show your support for Dr Helen Webberley, we welcome any positive feedback you would like to share. You can post on the comment section below, via our Twitter or Facebook page.


Thanks for your support.

The GenderGP team


Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash