Vietnam is planning on introducing a new bill that would facilitate trans people’s access to a legal gender change. In April 2023, the lawmaker Nguyễn Anh Trí proposed this new law to the Standing Committee of the National Assembly.

New law in Vietnam would help trans people change their gender marker

The lawmaker explained that the new law would help all marginalised communities in Vietnam feel safe. As of today, there are ‘no legal documents regulating gender identity’, PinkNews highlighted. While no laws criminalise queer and trans relationships, trans Vietnamese people still require more protection and rights.

If this new law is implemented, trans people in Vietnam country would be able to legally change their gender identity as something other than the sex they were assigned at birth. Trí stated that the government is supportive of the proposed legislation.

More clarification is necessary for the National Assembly to make a decision, so we patiently await their response. If this law goes through, it would be an incredible achievement for Vietnam’s trans population. Under the Gender Affirmation Law, which still needs to be enforced, trans people can only change their legal gender if they have gone through gender-affirming surgery. Therefore, any progress towards protecting trans rights in Vietnam, separating the medical from the juridical, would be welcomed.

In February of this year, Spain passed a similar law allowing all trans people to self-identify as trans and legally change their gender marker. The Spanish Government no longer requires trans people to go through medical or psychological procedures.

India and Nepal advance LGBTQ+ rights and representation

Recently, we have also seen a surge in progressive LGBTQ+ movements in South Asia. Towards the end of last year, India elected another trans woman as member of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. In June 2023, the government in Nepal allowed all same-sex couples to legally register their marriage. These incredible achievements in Vietnam, India and Nepal, showcase the continent’s efforts to progress queer and trans rights.