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Thank you for completing your application form. Before we move forward, please make sure you have completed everything in the below list. We have included some helpful information below, to support you in completing the checklist.  

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❔Booked my Information Gathering Session
❔Thought about Counselling
❔Thought about fertility 
❔Made my medication choice
❔Uploaded blood results – If blood tests are required, you can arrange them here.
❔Paid my fees
❔Ready to start my transition

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Once you are happy that we have all of the information required and have completed all steps on the checklist, you can leave the next steps with us.

Once we have everything we need from the above, and you have had your Information Gathering Session, we can begin working on your Treatment Recommendation.

If your case is uncomplicated, you can expect to hear back from us approximately 1 week after your Information Gathering Session.


Information Gathering Sessions 🗣️

What can I expect?

Your Information Gathering Session will be held on Google Meet. A link will be sent to you which you simply click to join at the scheduled time, where a member of our friendly team will be ready to chat with you.
Your Information Gathering Session will be conducted on Google Meet.

Why do I need an Information Gathering Session?

  • To allow us to confirm ICD-11, the criteria for diagnosing Gender Incongruence.
  • To ensure that you have capacity to consent. 

Do my parents need to attend?

If you are able to give informed consent to your own healthcare then you can attend alone. Some countries require that young people have a parent or guardian with them, whilst others recognise that young people gave the capacity to understand the proposed treatment and its’ effects and can have the capacity to give their own consent. 

Trans Medicine Icon

Medication Choices 💊

Your Journey • Your Way

As you begin your transition, it is crucial to understand that the medication choices you make will be all about you, your journey and individual health needs. Transitioning is personal and what best suits one person might not be right for another. If you are unsure about the best option for you, you can speak with a member of our team here.

When working on your Treatment Recommendation we will carefully consider the responses given at your Information Gathering Session to understand what best fits your journey. Your thoughts and feelings matter as we navigate this process together.

What are the medications?

Puberty Blockers: Spironolactone, GnRHa blockers

Hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone

Antiandrogens /Blockers: Finasteride, Spironolactone, Cyproterone, GnRHa Nasal Spray


Trans Family Therapy

Fertility 🚼

Educated • Informed • Empowered

Transitioning medically as a transgender or non-binary person involves a lot of choices, and one of them is thinking about fertility preservation. It’s important to think about because hormone treatments can affect your ability to have biological children.

Fertility preservation is all about saving or protecting eggs, sperm or reproductive tissue so that you have the option to have children in the future if you want to.

It is important to understand what options you have for keeping your fertility intact, no matter your age or gender. Knowledge becomes your superpower letting you make choices that match your values and wishes. 

For more information, click here.

Counselling 🫂

Confidence • Clarity • Courage

Embarking on a gender transition journey can be both exciting and challenging, which is why counselling can be incredibly beneficial. It provides a safe space to explore your feelings, fears, and aspirations with someone who understands your journey. Counselling not only helps you navigate the emotional ups and downs but also equips you with coping strategies and tools to embrace your true self confidently.

There are also sessions specifically designed for your family, friends, and caregivers, whether they join you or attend separately, to better understand and support you on your path.It is a journey of self discovery and growth, and counselling can be a guiding light along the way.

For more information, click here.


Knowledge Base 📖

Knowledge is your Superpower!

Throughout your journey, you may have some questions popping up in your mind. That’s why we’re putting together a complete Knowledge Base to help you learn and understand more about gender identity and transitioning.

Here’s the extra exciting part – we want to hear from you too! If there are topics, FAQs, or articles you think would be super helpful for yourself or others like you, let us know through the link provided. Your input matters, and we’re all ears for your suggestions!

Visit the Knowledge Base here. 


There are six charges associated with using GenderGP’s medical services – but not all of them apply to everyone

 Click below to make payment for the relevant fees.

Set-up fee



Blood Tests



Set-up fee

All members pay a one-off set up fee of £195 which enables you to subscribe as a member of our service.

 For as long as you need support and advice from us, your subscription allows you to access our services.

As soon as full payment has been received, we will get to work on your Treatment Recommendation.

Make payment for your set-up fee here.  


 If your doctor has agreed to prescribe for you we can send a Treatment Recommendation which advises them what the recommended medication would be and what blood tests you need and when.

If your doctor cannot help you then we can refer you to one of our partner independent prescribers who are experienced in gender-affirming care.

Estimated Medication Costs:

 All prices are set independently by individual pharmacies and are subject to change. 


Some medicines are given by injection – such as some Testosterone preparations and puberty blockers.

There are alternatives, but if you want to have injections we need to know who is going to help you inject them.

Injection options:

  1. Your doctor – your doctor’s surgery will help you with the injection.
  2. Private service – you will make arrangements for a local private service to inject them for you.
  3. Self-inject – if you have been taught how to inject your medicine then this is an option.
  4. Family / friends – If you know someone who is qualified to do this that is fine.

    Speak to someone about your medication choices here.


All of our patients become members of GenderGP, the subscription fee is £30 and is taken every 28 days, this allows access to our services and recommendations.

Set up your membership here. 


Some sessions are optional but useful, and some are compulsory.

Information Gathering Sessions (compulsory) give us a chance to get to know you and to work out how best to help. It is your chance to tell us how you feel and what you want to achieve. 

Discovery sessions (optional) are an opportunity to speak to someone during enrolment or at any stage of your journey. Time to

Counselling (optional) is a way for you to really dig deep and talk to one of our specialist gender counsellors about what you are going through.

Family / Friends Sessions (optional) are specifically designed to support those around you, to help empower them to give you the support you need. They are also helpful when someone close to you just doesn’t understand it the way you do.

Follow Up Sessions (compulsory) review your progress, get updates on your current situation and next steps. You can have these more frequently if you wish. They are charged at £30 per session.

Book your sessions here. 

    Blood Tests

    Blood tests are an essential part of your treatment to make sure you are fit and healthy and that hormones will be safe for you.

    If you are hoping to start taking spironolactone as a testosterone blocker, you will need to have a potassium level blood test and a blood pressure test taken within the last six months.

    If you are hoping to take cyproterone as a testosterone blocker you will need to have a liver blood test taken within the last six months.

    If you haven’t got any blood test results either choose a simpler option for now or wait to complete this form when you have blood tests.

    Note – if you are finding it difficult to get blood tests done or to get help with injections you can choose simple options now and move on to other options later.

    Simple options that don’t require tests at this stage include:
    – Estrogen, progesterone and finsateride for feminisation
    – Testosterone gel for masculinisation
    – Puberty blocker nasal spray for puberty suppression

    You can arrange blood tests here.