Why should I seek counselling?

Counselling is a safe and confidential environment in which you are free to explore the issues that may be troubling you.

Why should I seek counselling?

Counselling is a safe and confidential environment in which you are free to explore the issues that may be troubling you.


It is a professional friendship which will help you to find the language you need to talk about your feelings and which will give you a greater understanding of your situation, empowering you to make the choices that matter.

What is different about GenderGP’s counselling team?

While some counsellors may claim to be experienced in helping with feelings surrounding gender, many are very new to this area. GenderGP’s specialist gender counselling team is headed up by a trans woman and the team has been supporting gender expansive people and their loved ones for the past five years.

The volume of clients with whom they have interacted during this time makes them the most experienced specialist gender counselling team in the UK.
All of our counsellors are qualified and registered with the BACP or equivalent, and work to the highest standards. They have regular supervision outside of GenderGP and are bound to the counselling ethical framework.

Furthermore, the specialist gender counselling team are heavily involved in advocacy work and actively seek out the trans community, frequently attending events and support groups.


I know who I am, how can counselling benefit me?

Knowing who we are and understanding our gender identity is only the beginning for many transgender people. Creating a pathway and a safe environment to explore their identity fully, without prejudice, can be a challenge.

Specialist gender counselling is the perfect place to start this exploration. Gender affirmation is a journey and having a counsellor in your back pocket to help when the ride gets a little bumpy can make all the difference. Counselling is not there to tell you who you are, it’s there to support you, whatever your gender identity, and to offer emotional support and exploration.


I am worried you will try to talk me out of my feelings in relation to my gender.

Good counsellors, who understand gender, are only there to help you to discover your true identity, not to convince you to be something you are not. If you have questions, our team of specialist gender counsellors can help you to find the answers. The counselling team acts as a professional sounding board, someone completely unbiased and impartial with whom you can share your deepest darkest secrets, without being judged.


What ages do you support?

Everyone! We all need support at different stages in our lives, this is no different if you are questioning your gender. Age should never be a barrier to accessing counselling, so at GenderGP we help people of all ages.


Do you offer support for parents?

Yes! Experience has shown us that while many parents may be accepting and supportive of their child, whatever their age, helping their child to safely navigate their gender journey can be challenging at times. Being able to talk through their thoughts, fears and even prejudices, in a non judgemental environment, can be a hugely positive step for everyone involved.


What if I change my mind?

Gender is a journey which is personal to every individual. Changing your mind suggests going backwards but change is always a movement forward. The same can also apply to someone’s relationship with their gender, it keeps moving forward. We can change the road, or the direction we are on, but it is not about going backwards. No matter how you are feeling, counselling can help you to make sense of your situation.


Can you talk me – or my child – out of being trans?

No, we can’t and we would never try to talk you out of accepting your gender identity, but we can help you to come to terms with it. Our gender identity is not a choice, it is inherent in who we are.


Do I need to have a session with a counsellor to access medication?

Counselling is not mandatory with GenderGP, though we do feel everyone – trans or cis – can benefit from support! We do ask all service users to take part in an Information Gathering Session (IGS) which is carried out by a member of the counselling team, and this is mandatory.


How many sessions would I need to have with you to feel the benefits?

It is entirely up to you. The amount of sessions is not fixed, many people enter counselling for three or four sessions, others continue for months. It all depends on how you experience the process and if you are finding it beneficial. Working with the right counsellor is really important and can have a big impact on your experience, which is why we have a team for you to choose from.


Does online counselling work?

Emphatically yes! Online counselling does work. Counselling is a commitment made by two people to be there at the same time each week. Travelling can make that commitment difficult for the client and they can falter if logistics prove too challenging. Video calling means all they need to do is log on. The fact that they are also surrounded by their own things, in the comfort of their own home, can make them feel at ease, adding to the therapy experience.


How much does a session cost?

The standard rate is £60 per session. If you are struggling to afford this, speak to our counsellors who may be able to work out an individual plan which fits within your budget.


How long do sessions last?

Sessions are a standard 50 minutes in length.


What happens if I miss a session?

We ask that 24 hours notice be given if you are unable to make your session, in this event a full refund will be given. If you are not able to cancel within this timeframe, we will be unable to rebook your slot and as such payment may be required.


How do I book a counselling session?

You can book a session by clicking on the links which can be found on the counselling page. We have listed all of our counsellors individually, so just choose the one you would like to speak to and click on the link. You can also book by by visiting our Help Centre.


What if I don’t like my counsellor?

A massive 80% of the success rate of your counselling session can be attributed to the connection you have with your therapist. We have a diverse team which can be found here: (insert link). Have a look and see who you feel might be a good fit for your particular needs. If you don’t feel the match is quite right, you are free to try another member of the team.