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The uncertainty around Brexit, and the impact which this might have on supplies of prescription medication, is understandably causing some concern among our patients. We spoke to our partner, Clear Chemist, to get an update on the latest situation.


Rishi Bhatia, superintendent pharmacist and owner of Clear Chemist, explained:


Clear Chemist works with the biggest wholesalers in the UK. We also have a number of accounts with smaller wholesalers. All of these suppliers are keenly following the Brexit negotiations and assessing the potential impact of the different scenarios on medication supply.

As you are no doubt aware, as things currently stand, there is no agreed ‘deal’ on Brexit. This essentially means we cannot say for certain how supplies might be impacted.

In a bid to prepare ourselves for every eventuality, frontline healthcare professionals, including hospitals, care homes, GPs and community pharmacies, are working closely with the Government as it assesses the levels of risk from the various possible routes currently being considered.

The key message coming from the Government is that UK health and social care providers should not stockpile additional medicines beyond their ‘business as usual’ stock levels. Patients are also being asked not to stockpile. Furthermore, clinicians have also been advised against writing longer NHS prescriptions. The key concern is that unnecessary local stockpiling may lead to shortages down the line, which could put patient care at risk.

As the situation is still evolving, chemists are unable to make any cast iron guarantees at this stage. However, if there is a reduced supply of stock Clear Chemist does have contingency measures in place, such as supplying medication on a month by month basis, rather than in batches of three or six months.


Rest assured that GenderGP is working closely with Clear Chemist to ensure continuity of supply of hormones used for the treatment of gender dysphoria. We will continue to keep you updated as and when we have further clarity on the situation.


– The GenderGP Team