Since news about the legal case against Dr Helen Webberley was reported in the media, the love and words of support for her and the service GenderGP offers has been overwhelming. Many of the emails, messages and social media posts have been positive, although some have been harrowing – recounting difficult times struggling against a system that doesn’t understand or support transgender people and their healthcare needs.

We felt it important to share some of our patients voices here, to better educate healthcare professionals, and the wider population about the struggles our patients face, and why they value our service so much. All comments and images have been shared with patients full permission. Some have requested to remain anonymous, to protect their identities, but all words are posted without amendment or editing.


I just wanted to let you know how important your support is! Without it I couldn’t say where I would be today, the pressures of being transgendered are immense and very often hard to deal with.

I’m still waiting to start my HT treatment but just knowing that you are there for me, can’t be put into words. Without your help I’ve been told it could take two years to get an initial assessment at Nottingham, doubt whether I could have lasted that long without self medicating. One thing I really didn’t want to do because of my past medical history. I hope you keep smiling through your troubles because you’re wonderful, caring and compassionate towards people in my situation, a very big thank you to you and all of your team.


Thank you for your support. You’re the only people from the medical community who have helped me.

I’m still standing. Thanks to you


Stand with Helen Webberley


I just wanted to send my support to Helen and Mike and the whole Gender GP team. I first came out and tried to get help 19 years ago, services available were so poor that I ended up back in the closet. I tried my best for years, battling through depression and suicidal thoughts until my façade came crashing down and I came out to my wife and sought help through gender GP.

In the past year I have gained the most important thing ever, hope.

I was on the edge of despair, NHS help was a minimum of 2 years away and I thought my only option was DIY hormones which I would have used had I not come across Gender GP. They listened to my story, understood where I was coming from and offered help and reassurance. Since starting hormones I’ve experienced happiness like I never knew possible and know that the future is something I’m genuinely excited for. Thank you all for all your help over the last 11 months, I don’t want to think where I would be without you.



We would like to offer our support, Without your services I know my daughter would not be here today The NHS waiting times of 2 years for blockers when already into puberty at 13 was too long and would have caused lasting physical damage. The blockers given by shared care with our GP saved my daughters life and having successfully completed her GCSE’s She now looks forward to A levels and life.


Transfigurations Tweet


I just wanted to give a personal message of thanks for what Helen does and tries to help with. Before I came to Gender GP I struggled with my identity for years but managed to live with it. However, it got to a point where I couldn’t I hit a crisis and found I needed to address it. I went to counselling seasons and I went to my GP to be referred to the GIC and while I was happy I was doing something – But I was in despair because of the GIC pathway that required “Real life test” to really access help I would have to destroy my current life,

I was in fear of losing my children, my family everything and disrupting their lives all sorts of things – none of them were good – It got to the point where I did not think I could live with myself as I was but it was to selfish to transition in such an abrupt way so I could never do that either and there was no way in between. I just happened to go to a trans event when Gender GP was doing a presentation and I think that saved my life – literally.

I was getting to the point that a pending GIC appointment wasn’t so much a light at the end of a tunnel but the light of an oncoming train. Through getting help through gender GP – my three little girls have me around, and that in my mind is the most important thing. To them, I will always be their daddy no matter what and they will always be my little girls. You have given me time and given my children their childhood – Because of you, I didn’t have to choose either or… and for that, no matter what else happens, I will always be grateful. I hope things work out well for Helen.


I wanted to write to say thank you for all the support you have given my daughter through your transgender services. Quite simply she wouldn’t be alive without you. I am so grateful that she has had the opportunity to receive healthcare that she would otherwise have had to wait years and years for I sincerely wish all your current patients continued support and care, as obviously, without you they would have nothing and many would even have lost pretty much every aspect of their health and wellbeing, if not lost their lives.


It is heart breaking, as the mother of a beautiful healthy transitioning young woman, that this is such an under provided service. There are no words for my gratitude to you.


Thank You Helen
Helen Webberley Thank You

2 years ago I was in such a dark place. I watched all my male peers mature & I felt so isolated and depressed. the help of @MyWebDoctorUK gave me a future and my confidence back. she broke me out of extreme anxiety & depression. she’s saved my life tbh. thank you! @GenderGP ?


I’m a professional & Trans, with an immense amount of knowledge/ experience of trauma/ mental health. The only thing keeping me alive throughout the years apart for my dog and lots of luck, is the brilliant Dr Webberley. Open ur eyes judge. @MyWebDoctorUK


Trust GenderGP


I’m writing to you today to offer my full support, not only to Dr. Helen Webberley and her husband Dr.Mike Webberley but to the entire team working at GenderGP.

Without your help, guidance, and medical expertise I would undoubtedly be either dead or worse; living with crippling depression and the dangers of self-harm, spiralling eating disorders, and all the other burdens that come with gender dysphoria. Thanks to your intervention and support I am able to live a life free of such concerns – I run my own business, I am able to look in the mirror and see the real me smiling back. I feel true happiness and fulfilment in my life and my accomplishments that I have never felt before.

I wholeheartedly condemn the decision by the Health Inspectorate Wales to deny the GenderGP team the appropriate status of an independent medical clinic, and especially their comments that my well-being and the well-being of my fellow patients was “not their concern” when it should be the entirety of their job to ensure you are able to provide your full support to your patients. Denying your service this status throws into question not only my own future but the future of hundreds of others in far more vulnerable positions.

For the HIW to dismiss your assertions that, had you discontinued care for your patients, they would come to significant harm (which is undoubtedly true) shows the extent of their callous disregard for the lives and well-being of trans people. This is truly disheartening – but I am emboldened and given hope by the enduring efforts of you and your team. I would like once again to express my full support and my eternal gratitude for all you have done and continue to do not only for myself but for the trans* community in the UK.

Teddy South


Having had an uneasy night’s sleep I feel compelled to write again to offer my support. In putting your own reputations and professional careers at risk as you courageously fight the transgender cause, you are standing by me personally. You are also fighting the cause for all your patients and for all trans people in the UK.


My most profound gratitude to you. Since coming out I have found an internal happiness I had never previously enjoyed in my long life. But at the same time I have never felt more externally vulnerable. The hateful work of the radical feminists seeks to cause you and me great harm. Please stay strong.

– Zoe Genevieve Perry


Trans Being There When You Need It


The support and advice indeed the entire service provided by Dr Webberley’s clinic has been invaluable not only to my physical health but my emotional health also. its high time their role in the medical establishment was acknowledged and taken seriously.

Richard Rae


I am absolutely disgusted and appalled to the gatekeeping that the HIW have put in place to pointlessly regulate a terminology as to minimise and control what seems to be a care they’re struggling to provide across the UK as a whole. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that without Doctor Helen Webberley and their service I would not be where I am, who I am or as happy as I am today. An unquestionably amazing service has been done to fill a void and need for many many people. And the thought that some technicality would even dare threaten the help of others is disgusting.

I can do nothing but offer my complete and utter gratitude for everything that not only Doctor Helen Webberley has done over the last few years but also every single hard working member of the team. I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to have to climb over hurdle and smash past each barrier pointlessly erected just in the effort of helping others, most you have never even met or have any connection with. Lesser people would have given up at the first obstacle, and it is a testament to how tremendously good hearted and good natured everyone is underneath the banner of the Gender GP clinic. Your struggles are not overlooked, and are appreciated every single day by every single person you help push to being who they truly deserve to be. I hope the roads ahead are easier, and I hope as time passes the struggles will ease up, and although it likely does not mean much.

From at least me Thank you so very much, not just to Doctor Webberley but every single person working to help people in Gender GP. You all make the world a better place.

Katie Garcia


Support for GenderGP


You can get through this, you’re offering a service that plugs gaps in the woefully inadequate offering that is NHS Trans care, and allows people to get though their darkest hours.


I am an early stage, trans woman (aged 66) and have known for the last 62 years that I was born the wrong gender. I “came out” to my GP in 2013 and she referred me to the Gender Identity Clinic in London. Some five years later I have still not seen a doctor at the London Clinic, (though I have completed forms) but have seen privately (at significant cost) some specialists that currently work at the London Identity Clinic.

To see the specialists even privately, takes a long time and on one issue I had to wait over 18 months to get an emailed reply to the issue I raised. About one year ago my GP left the local practice and I was transferred to another GP who (at my request) wrote to the Gender Identify Clinic at Exeter. I requested this as I had heard that the waiting lists at this clinic were shorter than London. To date I have heard nothing from Exeter. I tell this story because, I am appalled that HIW has taken legal action against Dr Helen Webberley who is clearly doing her best to help desperate people with gender issues.

The suicide attempt rate for trans people like me is close to 50% and many self-prescribe simply because the National Health Service fails to provide even the most basic of service to trans people. Indeed, even GP’s are petrified to offer any advice because it is a condition for which they are not trained.

Moreover, I cannot put into words the unhappiness that trans people suffer daily and, in my case, the huge regret of over 60 wasted years, knowing things should have been so different. If the NHS provided a reasonable service to trans people, your actions against Dr Helen Webberley, (who I do not know and have never had personal contact), would be understandable. However, the truth is the NHS do not, and therefore the services of people like Dr Webberley are invaluable to the trans community, offering hope and more importantly, often saving lives.

In consequence HIW should be deeply ashamed for the action taken against Dr Webberley. You have done the trans community within the UK (and their families), a very grave disservice. –

Steph R


Support Transgender Rights


I am writing this after getting an up date last night from Dr Webberley regarding what the HIW said a few days ago. I’m totally shocked by the ruling. The services offered by GenderGP is a real life saver. Without this service I would have definitely self medicated. It was while searching the internet looking to buy hormone treatment that I found GenderGP.


I knew all about the huge waiting times on the NHS and this had been made worse for me as my GP wrongly referred me to a child’s NHS GIC. After two years of waiting for the appointment I went for a routine check up and saw a different doctor. I asked about my referral and after a few days got called back to tell me the mistake. I have since been referred to the Charing Cross clinic but have been told I’ll still have a two year wait before my first appointment.


That’s four years to wait in total.


Your service has kept me going. Like I said I would have definitely self medicated and probably just guessed the dosage. Suffering from depression at the start of treatment and now able to cut the antidepressant tablets by two thirds and expecting to cut them out all together in the coming months.


The treatment and care from all at GenderGP has been first class. So thank you all for that. I am behind Dr Helen Webberley 100% and hope common sense prevails in the future. I’d be devastated if Gender GP was forced to close. This is yet another kick in the teeth for the trans community. You guys seem like the only ones at times trying to help and bring change. Please keep fighting for us and if there is anything I can do to help please ask. Good luck and thank you for everything.

 Nikki Moorhouse


@MyWebDoctorUK you have my family’s support. Without your help we would’ve remained in a dark & difficult place, a gap in gender care that the NHS has been unable to fill. No person should be made to wait for times of 18m+ in a desperate & suicidal state. Pl keep doing what you do.


GenderGP Hormones Help


Regarding the recent judgement against Dr Helen Webberley, I can honestly say that had I not been able to access Dr Webberley’s services and support I would not be alive today, my wife and two young children would have no home and be reliant on charity and social services for everything.

As it is, Dr Webberley’s service gave me hope and treatment which I could afford. I am now 15 months into transition, I am getting divorced but my wife and I have a very positive friendly relationship (after years of difficulty, pre-transition), we see each other regularly, I see my children every weekend, my relationship with them is brilliant, and I am happy and feel more whole than I have ever felt before, colleagues at work are happy to see me as Ana and like me for who I am. I am able to be emotionally open with them in a way I was never able to be as a “man” and hold fully authentic relationships.

Before treatment by Dr Webberley it just wasn’t feasible for me to go on being alive. Being alive was something I did because I had to, then because of my wife and children. Now I am happy, and looking forward to a life where my outward appearance matches the person I am, how I think, how I feel. Without Dr Webberley that would not have been possible for me. Thank you Dr Webberley.



I would be dead if not for Dr Webberley’s service.

NHS gender treatment is as much of a pipe dream and a joke as it’s mental health support is. I would no doubt have killed myself were I not able to get the Help of Dr Webberley.(It’s been more than two years NHS, any form of counselling would be welcome, and no an initial assessment and a refusal for being too euthymic doesn’t count)


Yours sincerely and by the skin of her bloody teeth.


Support GenderGP


Your service changed (and quite possibly saved) my life. I would not be the person I am today without you. This news has me deeply troubled me, and I wish you all the best during this time.

Keep fighting for us, and we’ll keep fighting for you.


I am horrified and appalled to discover that Doctor Webberly is being tried as if she and Gender GP have committed a crime where in reality they are providing an alternate service where the NHS regulated GIC’s are routinely unreliable, hold their patients to unreasonably high standards and often leave people waiting for years at a time. All of these factors do nothing except cause discomfort and harm which Gender GP have been helping myself and others to alleviate.

Not only that but I have it on good authority that an employee at the LGBT Foundation here in Manchester, has had her care prescribed by a GIC but was not given the standard t blockers she needed for her treatment to be effective and thus, she is 4 months into treatment with no change.

If an NHS institution cannot provide the proper care then where are we as trans people supposed to turn!?

Ultimately I am writing to show my support to Doctor Webberly but would like to know if there is anything I can do in the case against her? The care provided to me by Gender GP has been life changing and if there is anything I can do as a patient of hers to assist in any way I would not hesitate to help

Alexandra Valentine


I stand with Helen GenderGP


I am so sorry to hear about the issues you are having at the moment. I really want to let you know that you guys have my full support.

I experience the exact same thoroughness and professionalism, even more I will say, than the NHS here in Denmark. I am now starting 3rd month on hormones and it is working effectively without side effects. And there is a constant follow-up procedure with blood tests and blood pressure readings. I experience a good response time and answers to my questions are well thought through and also disappointing to me as my wishes are no always met due to medical/health considerations. It has been a total life saver for me to be able to start HRT and experience the good work of GenderGP !


In a nut shell there is only one thing I can say about my treatment from. Dr Webberley and her team, Life saving!!!

My transition started later in life, aged 36, my GP refused to help start my transition until I had waited 18months for a gender clinic appointment,
for my mental health this really was not an option! I decided to take matters in hand and came across Dr Webberly and the service she offers. This service is a life line for guys like me, all I can say is thank you.


Support the Trans Community


I would just like to say without your support and Gender GP I would not be here now.

I will always support you and your clinic, unfortunately there are very narrow minded people who do not understand the problems we have. You can use my words any time, again thank you for saving me.


I just received the email and wanted to share my support for Dr H Webberley. If it wasn’t for her and her service I would’ve had to wait years for testosterone but thanks to her I will be on testosterone for 3 months on Tuesday. I am deeply sorry for the trouble she has to go through for supporting people like me who needed her help but I just wanted to give my personal thanks to her for helping my journey to happiness.



In support of the help that you have given me, it is without doubt that, if I had not contacted your website in desperation, I don’t know where I would be today. Previous to contacting Dr Webberley, I had been self medicating which I knew was from a health perspective, the wrong thing to do without proper medical support.

Unfortunately, even though I had already attended the GIC, the waiting time to see the endocrinologist, was far too long. I had stopped self medicating and the effects of having been on HRT we’re starting reverse. This was causing me immense dysphoria and I had informed the gender clinic of this, however this did not speed up me appointments.

Gender GP were a life line who even tried to work closely with my own GP, however my GP had little or no experience in helping patience with gender dysphoria. I was prescribed my low dose medication and started having blood tests with my surgery. All was now much better mentally and physically. I eventually had an appointment with the endocrinologist in London and was prescribed the same dosage that Dr Webberley had prescribed, there were no issues with my health.

Thank you so much Dr Webberley for your support and I truly hope the GMC recognise and support the good work you and your clinic do for people like me, the TG community.


GenderGP Saved My Wife's Life


You are a life line to those so much in need of help, like myself. I am on a waiting list at the NHS clinic awaiting my first appointment in February and if I am not accepted on to a programme, I know that I can turn to you. I know that I can not go back to being that desperately unhappy person that WAS me but can only go forward to being the person I NEED to be.

I don’t know what definitions have been applied to your service and do not care as you are qualified and ethical people who work in conjunction with GP’s and are not some back street quackery. I have personally discussed your service with my GP and he would be happy to work with you, should I wish it. That is more than good enough for me. Issues with my blood pressure and more recently high prolactin levels have caused some concern and I need to get these resolved of course. However, I have not stopped my hormone intake and changes to my life style because my transition is critical to my mental, physical, and spiritual well being. Without it, I would fall into a pit of despair and hopelessness .

I am so disappointed that the case has not gone in your favour but you will always be in mine. I hope the verdict does not affect your commitment and your ability to support the people that so desperately need you.

Janie Smith


As a parent of a transgendered child Gender GP treats that patient as an individual, looks into circumstances of that child, individual, and treats them accordingly and appropriate and with respect. This service gives transmission hope and confidence for there future.

A big,big thank you to Dr Helen and Mike Webberley for bravely championing appropriate care and treatment for trans people. It gives hope for many many people and there families xx



GenderGP Shape Your Future


Thank you for your support. You keep not only my life, but also my children’s. Without your support, I would not have my life. I can now feel a lot better as a woman.

Two years ago I explained my situation to my NHS GP. They promised to help me and then send a letter to the GIC clinic. I have not received a response from the GIC. My hope was lost. When I now ask for help, the NHS always refuses me. When I was in this situation I did not want to live anymore. For me, the only one who gives me a chance to live is you and my family.


Just a short note in support of what GenderGP does given the recent press reports. I can say it’s likely, without your support and that of my own GP, I probably wouldn’t be here today. Being given access to HRT with your help likely prevented another transgender suicide statistic.
Please feel free to pass this e Mail on to whomever you like if it will help. Please, however, use my initials or just my first name as my family would be upset to learn how unwell I was before your help.


Comfortable In My Own Skin Tweet


There is no doubt in my mind that the service you provide is valuable to all the Trans Community and without this support. people like myself would go down the route of suicide. As the waiting lists are too long on the NHS. And we need help and support as soon as possible like now not tomorrow and get on Hormones. And get help. As soon as we can cus life is short. And time is Something we don’t have .This is the first time I have used this service and I think it is a godsend what the Webberley s are doing and Dr Helen Webberley. I hope my Email is of some use as in my opinion that reflects how I feel and think about this service.



If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here now… its a sad thing to think because now I am living the high of my life and now fully transitioned. Thank you for everything and please keep fighting. One day one success will happen… but you have many successes between helping people like me. You’re someone I could never forget that gave me a chance when I needed it.

Joanna Parker


Just a quick message to say I am utterly disgusted that someone would bring a case against you. Whilst I haven’t had the money available to ensure I have private health care (like any other health care in the country) I can safely say your support and help (for free no less!) made an enormous difference in a time
when I was massively struggling with gender dysphoria.


The very fact that I suffer from social phobia and social anxiety means that actually saying in person to a GP “I’m transgender, can you help me?” is impossible. Your service is far superior that and in addition you specialise in gender and as a result can provide a better service.

– Katie

GMC Hearing Support Tweet


You have been providing my son with his hormone treatment and health monitoring for the 18 months or more. This came at a time when my son desperately needed professional input from Gender Services whom he had been attending for 2 years here but they had discharged him from their service for speaking his mind and expressing his utter frustration about their lack of progress in undertaking an assessment with him. In this instance the GIC behaved in an irresponsible and callous way to a patient who struggled with emotional regulation as a result of ASD. Shame on them.

However, you were there Dr Webberley when my son had lost all hope. You prevented him from taking his own life and I do not say that lightly! How can I ever express my gratitude for what you did for us? It seems like those who would condemn you are of the same mindset as the ‘professionals!’ my son encountered! I hope and pray that you will soon be able to take up your practice again unhindered. In my son’s case, you were the crucial bridge that he needed until services here came to their senses and are now engaging with him (all though at a very slow pace and under threat of judicial review!).

Best wishes for the future Dr Webberley and thank you for all your support to my son and I.


Keep the faith! What you are doing is RIGHT! The NHS waiting times are a disgrace. Your help is a lifesaver. I am only surprised it has taken the medical establishment this long to try to stop you. There are too many vested interests embarrassed by what a humble GP can achieve with IT.

– Dr Michael Smith


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the wonderful messages of support we have received – far too many than we could include here. We will continue to work to support the transgender community in providing the most accessible, the most compassionate, and the most affordable healthcare to those that need it.

We care immensely for all of our patients, and will carry on providing support and medical help for as long as it is needed.


– With Love – Dr Helen and Mike Webberley and the GenderGP team xxx


Photo by Kristina Litvjak on Unsplash