The UK has a long and successful working relationship with European doctors and nurses who have provided a very welcome extra pairs of hands when our own NHS services have been under-staffed. With an atmosphere of real fear amongst UK doctors, which prevents them from risking their registration if they provide gender-affirming care to trans people, we also looked to this source of expertise as an obvious choice to find compassionate medical help.

The GenderGP appraisal pathway uses a combination of email discussion, questionnaires and direct consultation to gather and share information in order to better understand whether medical intervention is the right course of action.

We have developed a set of training materials that are used to help doctors understand trans issues, right from using the correct name and pronoun, all the way to prescribing and monitoring hormones. These have been developed using International Guidance which informs and leads specialists around the world, to give their patients the best standards of care.

Our new doctors undergo training to deliver care the way that we feel is right. Positive, compassionate, evidence-based care which uses the power of the patient to give their own informed consent. No hoops to jump through, no barriers to break down, just a process of sharing information both ways, so we learn about you and you learn about the choices available to you on your gender journey.


Our doctors are all gender specialists. Find out more here


Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash