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It has come to our attention that there appears to be some misunderstanding around the way that GenderGP works with doctors, so we wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the situation.


Our mission at GenderGP is:

“To make gender-affirming healthcare, advice and education available to gender diverse people and those who support them, with the long term-goal of alleviating the suffering associated with discrimination and prejudice too often faced by this minority group.”

We know that access to trans healthcare in some countries with a national health service is limited. We also know that for many, accessing care privately can present a financial challenge. As such we attempt, where possible, to keep costs down. This is greatly facilitated by the fact that we are an online service, we do not have costs associated with ‘premises’ or a traditional workforce (team members are self employed and work from their own home offices).

To further reduce costs, we have developed a model which enables us to work with doctors who may feel they lack gender expertise. We provide guidance and, through the healthcare system, doctors treat their patients. This includes providing blood tests and prescriptions, steps which vastly reduce the cost of treatment. GenderGP’s expert guidance is covered by a £30 monthly subscription fee, paid by the service user.

Over the years we have had many successful examples of doctor collaboration. As you can see in our 2019 annual review, 80% of GenderGP patients received some level of care from their doctor (be that bloods being taken or injections being administered). Unfortunately, however, collaboration and doctor involvement is not guaranteed.

As we move into 2020 we will be increasing our focus on doctor education in the hope that it will help them to feel empowered enough to work with us to help their trans and non-binary patients, rather than feeling like referral to specialist services – with lengthy waiting times – is the only option.


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For more information on how we work with doctors outside of GenderGP click on the following link.


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