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If you are affected by misgendering or other forms of anti-trans harassment or discrimination in the workplace, it’s important to know what your options are.

Most importantly, talk to people about your concerns. This is good for everyone for a couple of reasons. First, it means you’re not dealing with the situation on your own. And secondly, communicating why there’s a problem might solve it before it progresses any further.

While there is a vocal minority who regularly air their negative views, most people don’t feel that way (in the consultation on the GRA reforms revealed an overwhelming majority of respondents support better treatment of trans people). It’s always distressing to be misgendered, but most people will be happy to apologise and adjust their behaviour if they’re corrected.

If you are the victim of sustained harassment, then you do have further recourse. If your workplace or institution has an equality and diversity policy, an anti-harassment policy, or similar, you can go through that. If you’re part of a union, they often have robust measures in place to ensure their members are protected from discrimination at work.


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If addressing the harassment locally doesn’t work or isn’t an option, you also have legal recourse. Trans and non-binary identities are a protected characteristic under the Equality Act, which means that if you are discriminated against because you are transgender (or perceived to be transgender) then you can take legal action. You can find detailed information about what constitutes discrimination and the kind of action you can take here.

If you’ve been affected by anti-trans discrimination and would like to get in touch, our team is standing by to help. We have also written guides to being trans in the workplace, because wherever you are in your gender journey you deserve to feel confident coming out and staying out.

Organisations like Gendered Intelligence and Stonewall also have lots of information about equality in the workplace and how to work towards it.


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